Join Us

Start with Rotary and good things happen.

Find your passion at Rotary, if you are interested in these things:

_ Community
_ Networking
_ Friendship
_ Volunteerism
_ Peace
_ Global Service
_ Leadership
_ Polio Eradication
_ More!

How to join the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline (in brief):

1. Come to a weekly meeting (under no obligation), check us out and introduce yourself.

2. If you liked what you experienced at the first meeting, come back again.  Weekly meeting attendance is an important aspect of Rotary membership.You will be assigned a sponsor (another member) to help orient and guide you.  Participate in other club activity and service projects.   (If you liked what you experienced at RCTS but our meeting time is not convenient for your lifestyle, then we will be happy to refer you to another local Rotary Club that meets on a different day or time of day.)

3. After establishing a pattern of attendance, activity and commitment for a nominal period, then RCTS will consider your membership.

4. Upon acceptance of your membership, pay club fees and become a Rotarian.

5. Maintain your regular attendance, participation and fees.

* The membership process is a bit more detailed than than this, but these are the main points.  Come visit one of our meetings to find out more.


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