About Rotary International

Wondering what Rotary Club is?  Learn more here:

The Rotary International website provides the most comprehensive overview, but here is very brief explanation of the Rotary Club:

Rotary International (also known as the Rotary Club) is an international service club whose stated purpose is to create a network of business and professional leaders in order to collectively provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.
Rotary clubs are open to people of all cultures and ethnicities and are not affiliated with any political or religious organizations.
Rotary’s main objective is service — in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe. The 1.2 million Rotarians who make up more than 34,000+ Rotary clubs in nearly every country in the world share a dedication to the ideal of  Rotary’s motto: “Service Above Self”.
Each club chapter usually meets once weekly (either for breakfast, lunch or dinner), which is a social event that doubles as an opportunity to organize work on their service goals.

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